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gender:  female

born: ± September 4, 2016

Spayed/Neuter: no

size: 34 cm

dog breed: irreducible

vaccinated: yes

ID chip: yes

recidence: United Kingdom


Yuna is completely declared healthy, there is nothing to notice how sick she was.
Yuna is a super sweet, spontaneous and playful puppy, loves to run but she also comes to you quickly to get a hug.

She has had her vaccinations and is available for adoption.




How Yuna came to RSDR

October 8, 2016 A Box of puppies found by our own Kristofar, it started to get pretty dark. He was on his way to the store and found the box by the garbage containers. He phoned Diane and Tony in panic, and they were immediately on their way to pick them up. The puppies would not have made it till the morning, if the foxes did not catch them they would have roamed and drove to death on the busy road.

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