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gender:  female

born: ± September 4, 2016

Spayed/Neuter: no

size: 34 cm

breed: cross

vaccinated: yes

ID chip: yes

recidence: United Kingdom

Yuna’s foster family have written this about her: 

Yuna is an amazing little dog who has settled so quickly in our house. She gets on really well with our other rescue, Tyke; playing nicely and following him around so she doesn't miss out on any fun. She is getting used to travelling in the car to go for walks in the countryside where she enjoys a sniff but prefers to stick close to us whilst she develops her confidence. She has also settled into our daily routines and goes to the loo in the garden in the morning and evening and also sleeps all night in her bed. She does get up early though and lets us know she needs to go to the loo with a small whimper. She has met our cats and is fairly impervious to their catty ways; just ignoring them, even when they walk right past her nose. She enjoys to chew things so will need to have a toy to play with when she is left alone and we feel she would really need to go into a home with another dog as she really pines for Tyke when he goes on walks without her. She has a truly loving nature and loves to be as close to us on the sofa as possible in the evening and particularly likes a comb to get rid of any knots in her fur she can't reach. She is scared of cars and would need plenty of treats to continue building her confidence walking on quiet streets. Yuna will be a great addition to a home looking for another dog.


Yuna is completely declared healthy, there is nothing to notice how sick she was.
Yuna is a super sweet, spontaneous and playful puppy, loves to run but she also comes to you quickly to get a hug.

She has had her vaccinations and is available for adoption.




How Yuna came to RSDR

October 8, 2016 A Box of puppies found by our own Kristofar, it started to get pretty dark. He was on his way to the store and found the box by the garbage containers. He phoned Diane and Tony in panic, and they were immediately on their way to pick them up. The puppies would not have made it till the morning, if the foxes did not catch them they would have roamed and drove to death on the busy road.

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