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gender: male

born: May 17, 2017

Spayed/Neuter: yes

size: medium

dog breed: irreducible

vaccinated: yes

ID chip: yes

recidence: United Kingdom

Bear’s foster family have written this about him: 

Since being with us Bear has settled down quickly and is mixing well with our dog Barney (RSDR rescue) and the three cats. We had puppy pads down for one night after which, with the exception of one accident (our fault I think), he has been clean in the house. He is a very affectionate boy and the greeting you get in the morning or after being out, even for a short time, is wonderful! He has not been too keen on getting into the car but is quickly realising that it means a walk and this morning he tried to jump in with Barney for the first time, once in the car he is quite settled and paying attention to what’s happening outside. Bear has chewed a couple of things that he shouldn’t have but is learning quickly what he can and can’t chew, he doesn’t like it when a voice is raised and is anxious to please which makes training a lot easier. He comes to his name in the garden (mostly) and has learnt to sit for a treat. Bear is a lively little dog and would benefit from being with an active person or family, he has met with some small children on two occasions and seemed to enjoy the stroking etc. Bear is so amenable he could share a home with another dog or quite happily be the only one. He could also live with cats.

Bear would make a wonderful addition to any family. He has been vaccinated, micro-chipped, neutered and comes with his own pet passport.

How Bear came to RSDR

July 7, 2017 -Tysan was told that a man was killing puppies that had been dumped in a nearby village. The lady in a small shop told us when we arrived that it was seven puppies that had been dumped and that a man came along who started to strangle them when she asked the man why she got the answer that he was paid for this to do.

She said that one puppy had fled into a garden full of weeds. Tysan immediately went looking for the puppy and within a minute the little one came out of the hiding place.